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Useful prep-stuff from the one die system for Nanowrimo

Want to make a memorable character or NPC? Get a jump-start for your creativity? Aim for a diverse cast to avoid stumbling into your personal clichés? These tables will get you moving in minutes!

Nanowrimo prep will start soon. Take me to the tables!

These tables are extracted from the German one die system, version rαF: Terminal, translated to English. They are also available in German. If you want something tangible, get the tables and random characters optimized to print and fold and fit into your pocket:

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Space Station Inhabitants

Random NPC generation with occupation and a keyword for portrayal, written for the 200 Word RPG Supplement Challenge 2016. Tailored for shady space stations. Also available as PDF.

Start with the first table. Roll one die. On a 5, move one column to the left. On a 6 move right. Never change direction or leave the table: Use row 5/6 instead. Else select the row for the number you rolled.

Go to the next table. Start with the row for the last number you rolled. Roll again. 5 moves up, 6 moves down, never turn around. The number gives the column. The last column is special: It never applies to the job in the row rolled in the first table.


  5 direct 6
3 Beggar Clerk Prostitute
1 Peon Mechanic Guard
2 Pirat Trader Smuggler
4 Thug Docker Medic
6/5 Journalist - Waiter

Keyword for portrayal

  3 1 2 4 5/6
5 Cigaretts Pestering Weary Newspad Cold
3 Rags Glasses Sorrow Scarf Blaster
1 Frank Dice Toolbelt Gregarious Bold
2 Finger-Tent Earring Pipe Fearful Naive
4 Bragging Open Crowbar Notepad Snob
6 Pen Notebook Drink Flirting Shy
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±d6 in Guile Scheme

Just for fun: This implements the ±d6 in Guile Scheme, including critical rolls.

(define* (roll-1d6)
  (let* ((numbers '(-5 -3 -1 2 4 6))
          (lambda () (list-ref
                      (random 6)))))
    (let rolling ((rolled
                   (cons (rolld6) '())))
       ((and (= 1 (length rolled))
              (car rolled) '(-5 6)))
        (rolling (cons (rolld6) rolled)))
       ((and (> (length rolled) 1)
             (equal? (car rolled)
                     (car (cdr rolled))))
        (rolling (cons (rolld6) rolled)))
       ((= 1 (length rolled))
        (car rolled))
        (apply + (cdr rolled)))))))
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The just-link permission for the GPL

This is an additional permission for the GPL. We call it the “just-link” permission.

As additional permission under GNU GPL version 3 section 7, you may distribute these works without the copy of the GNU GPL normally required by section 4, provided you include a license notice and a URL through which recipients can access the Corresponding Source and the copy of the GNU GPL.

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I was threatened that people would hack this site because I spoke out against murdering Netanjahu

I was just threatened by people on G+ that they would hack this site because I told them that killing Netanjahu would not solve any problems but instead speed up the death spiral around Israel.

If this site should go offline or be defaced, you’ll know why - and how these people react when their arguments fall flat.

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GNU General Public License v3
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