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One Die System (1d6)

Simply clear rules

"I want to help worldbuilders to just think 'how can I modify the rules to make them mirror the feeling of my world or campaign?', and I want that to be easy." - Drak

These are our english resources. Most of our work is in German, but we try to translate essential parts. If you want to help translating, please Get in Touch!

Our first bigger release is Flyerbook rules: Pirate Party: Rules and an adventure seed on a single flyer. The rules are a slightly simplified version of our full rules, so they are suited equally well for long campaigns and one-shots.

The Flyers are licensed under the GPL (the most widespread free software license), so you are free to use, modify and distribute them - just like most of the rest of our work on these pages.

You can help the One Die System. Just tell us, that you want to join in, and we can enable you to write in this collaborative book. Our backend works like a wiki, so what you do is directly visible to others. - Arne

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»Würfel« wäre »dice«

»Würfel« wäre »dice« auf Englisch, nicht »die« ;)

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Für die Mehrzahl (Two Dice), jupp, aber für die Einzahl (One Die), nope :)

-> http://www.dict.cc/englisch-deutsch/die.html

Trotzdem danke für den Kommentar!

Wordnet gibt auch dice als

Wordnet gibt auch dice als gültiges Einzahlform. Am besten einen Sprachmuttler fragen, welches häufigst ist ;)

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dict.cc sagt die:

dict.cc sagt die: http://www.dict.cc/?s=würfel

  • dice - Würfel {pl} [z. B. Spielwürfel]
  • die - Würfel {m} [Spielwürfel]

PERMISSION to use thief-female image!


My girl, on second grade, has been writting an RPG story for the last 4 months and would like to use the image of the thief-female to add on the printing of her book story!

Is that ok? Do we need special permission?



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Hi Adriana,Thanks for

Hi Adriana,

Thanks for writing!

The image Thief-Female is from the project Battle for Wesnoth and licensed under the GPL. So your daughter can easily use the image by licensing her RPG or Story under the GPL, too (note: almost all content on this site (1w6.org) is licensed under the GPL, so she can use almost anything she finds here. Content which is not under GPL is clearly marked so in bold letters :) ).

To do so, she just needs to attribute the author of the image and add a GPL notice to the story or RPG1. This could look like the following (could be put on the final page of the RPG):

“The image female thief was created by Kathrin Polikeit for Battle for Wesnoth. It is free licensed under the GPL.

This text is also licensed under the GPL (v3 or later) as published by the Free Software Foundation.

The GPL allows use, modification and propagation of this work, as long as the resulting work is licensed under the GPL, too. For more information, see http://fsf.org/licenses/gpl.html.”

Those are the terms under which we operate, too, by the way. They ensure the four freedoms of free culture which aim at fostering creativity by removing unnecessary barriers and creating a community of cooperative creatives.

To make it instantly clear to readers that you use the GPL, you can use one of the GPL logos (you might have noticed those here :) ).

PS: Sorry for the late answer and our overzealous spam-filter. I only check it from time to time, so I missed your messages until today.

PPS: The GPL already gives permission to use the images under the terms of the GPL, so you don’t really need extra permission.

PPPS: I’d love to see the story!

  1. If she wants to distribute her story in large numbers (>100), she also needs to have the GPL at hand, so people can check it. For example she could use our GPL flyer: Just print doublesided and fold it. 

Back to the discussion about

Back to the discussion about dice or die:

I browsed the internet for an answer to the question, and have a result.

Both dice or die for the singular is valid, Native english speakers should understand both variants, where "die" seems not to be used very often in this combination.

I asked the question to

I asked the question to english-teachers of schools and to native speakers - both groups say the same:

"die" is the "official" singular form of dice ... so Drak , you are right.

But :

"dice" is widely used for both forms singular and plural.

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Dann würde ich weiterhin bei

Dann würde ich weiterhin bei die bleiben, weil das diese schön böse Nebenbedeutung hat und damit auch verdeutlicht, dass 1w6 recht heftig sein kann.

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„Durch das fixe Regelsystem haben wir nur sehr wenig Zeit auf Regelebene verbracht und hatten mehr Muße, auf das Setting einzugehen.“
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