1w6 - Ein Würfel System - Einfach saubere, freie Rollenspiel-Regeln


This is a translation of the german article on 1d6 programs:

We developed some Python programs for our One Die System.

  • The biggest one is a Battlefield Simulator. up and running.
  • The most advanced one is a prototype for a strategy role-playing-game with small unit tactics: HexBattle - including a demo-video. up and running
  • The cleanest code is found in the d6-module for Python3 which implements the basic concepts of 1w6 rules. An application using the module is Ascii-Battle: Battlefields in ASCII, including simulated character development with automatic specialization and character templates. up and running
  • And then there’s a small one which uses the libraries for Blob Battle: Blob Valentine, which was written by Drak on Valentine's Day 2006 for his wife. finished
  • There is also a backend for textbased RPG's. working, though currently only in the shell
  • And a script for calculating the probabilities in a battle. working and used for validating the cost for weapons and skills.
  • Another one is Battle of the Blobs. not finished yet, on hold.

You can watch the development in some Mercurial repositories on BitBucket. LIVE!

Some additional informations and code statistics are available on ohloh.org, which is also where the following mini-statistics originate:

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GNU General Public License v3
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“The EWS is definitely an interesting game, especially when you need a rules-light game with some compatibility to content created for Fudge or GURPS.”
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