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Saturday is the german free RPG day! (2013-02-02)

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Hasur Roal1This Saturday!

In case you’re near germany and did not yet reserve this saturday for visiting an RPG shop (or don’t know the next RPG shop in germany) during the free RPG day (Gratisrollenspieltag, GRT), have a look at

» The Map «

We are Everywhere!

In almost every patch in germany there is a participating gaming shop or club - even some in austria and a Con in switzerland!

We are Legion!

Besides the free 1d6 Flyerbooks there is rpg material from 24 other creators and publishers - among them heavyweights like Pegasus, Ulisses and EA Games.

EA Games!!

And if you want to get an inkling what you might find in the shops, have a look at the latest photos:

» 3-4 meters of free RPG material! «

Three rows of books and leaflets!

You’re not convinced yet? Then let PiHalbe tell you again (in german), where the german free RPG days originates, what is planned and why we do it - in an interview with one of the organizers (Karsten, taking the place of Moritz alias Glgnfz, the main organizer):

» PiCast – 41 – Gratisrollenspieltag 2013 « (mp3)

Hear their enthusiasm!

So remember: Saturday is free RPG day!

I’ll likely be in Karlsruhe in the T3, the Spiele-Pyramide and/or the 4. Karlsruher roleplaying days from Thoule e.V..

GMing my own works or playing something new? There’s so much great stuff, it’s really hard to decide… ☺

I hope we meet at the german free RPG day 2013!

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