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Wicked Words! on Patreon

John Wick is entering the patreon arena with the Wicked Words! Magazine: Adventures, GM Advice, Little Games, Stories, The Works!


Update (2014-01-25 18:00): Now with Happy Ending


This is really good news for roleplaying and online publishing, because it shows by example how roleplaying games and shortstories enter a new stage on the web: Fan-Funded periodicals.

  1. The images in this post are from Mike Perry and were created for the webcomic No Dice. To our greatest joy, Perry allowed us to use them under the GPL! And I kinda enjoy the idea of using images from a comic named “No Dice” for a dice-based pen-and-paper roleplaying game ☺. It is also a really nice comic: Good enough to make it into the list of the webcomics I check daily. So if you like fun stories which do not shun away from controversial topics without ever losing their funny, then by all means have a look at No Dice! —Drak 

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