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Statistical constraints for the design of roleplaying games (RPGs) and campaigns

Hurricane 1 A game for average roleplaying groups must (1) be able to cope with people who miss out on sessions and (2) be playable with either 2-7 or 3-9 participants.

Alternative title: "Why it ruines most groups, when players miss every 4th session. And what can we do about it."

If you want to know the science behind that quite daring claim, please read on.

  1. The picture “Hurricane” was drawn by Philip Barber for Battle for Wesnoth. As almost everything else on this site, it is licensed under the GPL. 

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GNU General Public License v3
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“The EWS is definitely an interesting game, especially when you need a rules-light game with some compatibility to content created for Fudge or GURPS.”
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